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How Will Licensing #SSDI, in Your State, Be
The Best Business Decision You Will Ever Make? 

Run your cursor over here, so we can explain.

Our clients invest in their #code through advertising. The primary benefit of licensing a #code is to generate leads. Creating a #code brand is a secondary benefit of consistent ads. A branded #code, is a phone number that consumers recall without seeing or hearing a contemporaneous ad.

We believe the value added to #codes, through clients advertising belongs to the client. For this reason, unlike vanity phone companies, we never increase monthly license fees, we allow clients to license their #code in perpetuity, and we give our clients the right to sublicense their #code (with all profits assigned to the licensee).

Branding doesn't happen overnight. But, when it does, you can be certain that no other marketing tool can or will ever match the value of a hashtagcode.

#SSDI and its companion websites, and, are exceptional adjunct marketing tools. There are no other marketing tools available to Social Security disability lawyers in the United States that can compete with us. 

To reserve #SSDI in your State, please submit the above form. We will follow up with you as soon as possible with the specific details regarding the cost of a license and privileges that our licensees receive.  

This website is already a well-traveled destination for individuals looking for a disability attorney. 


We will create a webpage for each state, and we will add a dedicated web form to each state page, which routes directly to that state's licensee in real time. 

Do No Delay or Will Forever Kick Yourself, Take Advantage of the Instant Ten (10%) Discount During August Through December 2022

Attorneys have told us that there is nothing more disappointing than a competitor licensing one of our #codes, because they did not contact us in time. Opportunities like #SSDI don't come around often. We have no competition, and the vast majority of the cell phones in the United States can easily handle incoming calls from #SSDI.

Pricing Formula

We set pricing for the #SSDI monthly fee at a dollar amount, which will never increase. We do this, so because our clients deserve a benefit for every dollar they invested in branding #SSDI in their state.


#SSDI is not just a wonderful marketing tool, it is also a brilliant investment.



Below are just some perks our clients receive:

  • Monthly license fee will never increase.

  • Can sublicense their rights and receive all profits above the initial monthly license fee)/.

Have a free account on our virtual PBX, to track their call data and statistics, and recording calls for training.

  • Have the option of being listed on this website, and we have other domain names available for licensing​

​​,,,, and:

  • Benefits from our planned investment into both SEO and SEM for this website. 

  • Will receive leads generated by this website for their state, no page on the website is required.

Get steep discounts on the other services provided by the Hashtagcode Marketing Agency, including,




Virtual assistant services,

Virtual PBX services

24/7/365 call center

Creative for TV, radio, and print advertising

Advertising spot purchasing, and

All other advertising and business services

  • #SSDI is operational on all major wireless carriers, their prepaid phones, and MVNOs that use their towers in all 50 states. This gives us more coverage than any other #code in the US, except for #Law and #250 (and our other #codes).

#SSDI works on over 94% of the cell phones in use in the United States. That's almost 300,000,000 cell phones.

Become a #SSDI Adjunct Marketing Client

Attorneys and representatives that may use the #SSDI [#7734] moniker and abbreviated toll-free phone number continue to report tremendous success using this unique marketing tool.


In fact, #SSDI is the ONLY Hashtag Dialing Code that is provisioned for use only by Social Security disability attorneys and representatives. 


The 3 major wireless carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint/T-Mobile, and their pre-paid brands and MVNO cellular companies have provisioned only 12 #codes for commercial use in all 50 States.

Because of this, there will not be any additional #codes put into service only for disability leads marketing purposes. 

#SSDI is a service of Hashtag Dialing Codes, LLC, a New Hampshire corporation that has several up and working hashtag dialing code phone numbers, such as #4Law#Easy, #4help and #546 (#546, which we licensed to a national law firm, is doing exceptionally well.

Request Pricing for Your State

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