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Attorneys and Representatives that are allowed to use the #SSDI [#7734] moniker and abbreviated toll-free phone number continue to report tremendous success using this unique marketing tool.


In fact, #SSDI is the ONLY Hashtag Dialing Code that is provisioned for use only by Social Security disability attorneys and representatives.  The 4 major wireless carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, and their pre-paid brands and MVNO cellular companies have provisioned only 15 #codes for commercial use in all 50 States.

Because of this, there will not be any additional #codes put into service only for disability leads marketing purposes. 

#SSDI is a service of Hashtag Dialing Codes, LLC, a New Hampshire corporation, that has several up and working hashtag dialing code phone numbers, such as; #4Law, #Easy, #4help and #Jim.

Attorneys and Representatives that sign up for the #SSDI Adjunct Marketing Service are NOT affiliated with one another and Agreement with our clients does NOT constitute a franchise.

Our Soon-to-be Powerful #SSDI Website will Provide #SSDI Users with an Additional Marketing Tool. All Attorneys and Reps will Have a Web Page on this Website

#SSDI and its companion website, www.ssdi.org, are exceptional adjunct marketing tools, that are unrivaled by any other marketing tools available to Social Security disability lawyers in the United States.  Vanity toll-free phone numbers cannot hold a candle to a #code.

To reserve #SSDI in your State, please submit the above form.  We will follow up with you as soon as possible with the specific details regarding the cost of a license and privileges that our licensees receive.  

This website will become a well-traveled destination for individuals in need of an attorney.  There will be a web page and a dedicated web form on your page. All forms submitted from a specific territory will be routed to the territory's owner.  Forms that need deciphering prior to forwarding will be sent in real time.

Check back soon for a template web page and dedicated web form.

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We are very pleased to announce that as of March 19, 2019, the Marketing Team at Prevail Case Management Software to become our EXCLUSIVE Affiliate for selling our #SSDI Adjunct Marketing Tools.

Please contact:

Robin A. Ventura

Director of Sales & Marketing

Prevail Case Management Software


P:  407.367.7919

M: 407.491.9337

F:  407.367.7919

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Do No Delay or Will Forever Kick Yourself, Take Advantage of the Instant Ten (10%) Discount by Signing Up through Prevail

Attorneys have told us that there is nothing more disappointing than a competitor licensing one of our #codes, because they did not contact us in time. Opportunities like #SSDI don't come around often. We have no competition and the vast majority of the cell phones in the United States can easily handle incoming calls from #SSDI.

Pricing Formula

Generally, our pricing is based upon the population of the territory to be reserved.  Discounts are provided as territories increase in size.  More often than not, we have additional discount opportunities available.  As a rule of thumb, we charge $90 per one million people residing in a territory, per month.

For example, the population of Massachusetts is 6,901,000.  Applying our formula, the cost for exclusive use of the #SSDI adjunct marketing program in Massachusetts is 6.9 x $90 = $621.00 per month.  

We also offer multi state discounts and discounts for territories with populations that exceed 10,000,000.

Please note that pricing for our other #codes differs from #SSDI.  For example, #4Law is offered at $200 per one million population, and so on.


- Your monthly license fee will never increase (because you have made a commitment to market your business utilizing #SSDI, we believe that any money you spend to increase to value of #SSDI in your territory should be yours to keep. In fact, we allow our clients to "sub-license or assign" their rights and receive all profits above the initial monthly license fee)/.

- We are putting the finishing touches on our client portal, which will permit for tracking statistics, recording calls and listening in to live calls.  You will also have the ability to write your own outgoing SMS message to all first time callers.

- You will have the option of being listed on ssdi.org (other domain names pointing to this website include, www.poundssdi.com and www.hashtagssdi.com).  We will be making an investment into both SEO and SEM for our website.  Any leads that come in through the website for your territory will automatically be routed to you, whether or not you decide to have a page on the website.  Click here for a template of a typical client page 

- You are entitled to one or more email addresses at any of the above domain names.

#SSDI works on over 92% of the cell phones in use in the United States. 


We continue to reach out to smaller companies to add them to our list.