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The Rules for the #SSDI Golden Ticket Raffle are as Follows

1. Visit the Prevail exhibition booth at NOSSCR's 40th Anniversary Convention, September 11 - 14, 2019.

2. Request a ticket to participate in the raffle.


3. Raffle tickets are free, only one per law firm.


4. Entry into the raffle may be requested at any time prior to the conference by any lawyer or SSA approved rep, by completing the form on this page.


5. On the last day of the conference, Robin Ventura, Prevail's National Sales Manager, will draw the winner of the raffle.


6. If the winner is not at the conference, Hashtag Dialing Codes, LLC will contact the winner by email.


7. The winner will be given free use of the #SSDI Adjunct Marketing Program for one year in the State where their primary office is located.


8. Acceptance of the raffle prize requires the winner to follow the Terms of Use set forth on this website.


9. Terms of use include that the winner agree to invest of at least $1,500 per month into advertising #SSDI in the winner's State


10. (Please note that #SSDI will not work as an adjunct marketing tool unless the user invests a reasonable sum into advertising #SSDI.  $1,500 is a minimal investment.  For #SSDI to be a useful marketing tool, we recommend that the winner consider making a voluntary, larger investment into advertising #SSDI.)


11. If the winner would like to keep #SSDI after the free year, the renewal rate will be based upon 2019 initial pricing for the roll out of the #SSDI Adjunct Marketing Program, click here for pricing.

12. All entrants to the raffle will have one form submitted, which will go into a central database where duplicates will be removed.  The names of all entrants in the raffle will then go into a hat from which the winner will be selected by Robin Ventura, Prevail Case Management Software, on the last day of the conference.

Enter the #SSDI Golden Ticket Raffle

Thanks for joining the raffle.

If self-submitted, no ticket number is required. 


If a Golden Ticket is given to submitter, please enter the ticket number written on the ticket.

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